Technical Tour: 7/25, return to hotel by 5pm

Hangzhou Bay Bridge


Hangzhou Bay Bridge


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West Lake in Hangzhou


Temple in Hangzhou


Lake town in Zhejiang

    GeoChina International Conference will organize a technical tour to visit the Hangzhou Bay Bridge on 7/25, we will return to the conference hotel by 5pm. Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a large-scale sea-crossing bridge connecting the Zhengjiadai in Jiaxing in the north to the Shuiluwan in Ningbo in the south of Zhejiang Province.

    The Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Chinese: 杭州湾大桥) is a 36 km long sea cross bridge in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, running from Haiyan, Jiaxing in the north to Cixi, Ningbo in the south. The bridge is a six-lane highway in both directions with a designed speed of 100 km an hour, a designed service life of 100 years and a total investment of 118 billion yuan. The main span of northern channel bridge is a 448 m steel box girder cable-stayed bridge with two towers whose style is diamond and double cable planes, which has the navigation standard of 35 kiloton. The main span of southern channel bridge is a 318 m steel box girder cable-stayed bridge with a tower whose style is A and double cable planes, which has the navigation standard of 35 kiloton. The prestressed concrete continuous box girders ranging from 30 m to 80 m were adopted in other approach bridges. The technology of beam conveyance and erection on beam was adopted in the construction of 50 m long box girders. And the technology of floating crane is adopted to cater for the need of erection of the 70 m long precast prestressed concrete box girder of the bridge in abyssal region. About 14 kilometers away from the south bank, there is a platform covering an area of 12 thousand square meters, which is not only used to provide relief and service of traffic, but also offer a leisure place for tourists. The maximum diameter, length and weight of the steel pipe piles of the bridge were measured 1.6 m, 89 m and 74 t respectively. 10 kilometers away from the south bank, a large amount of methane is covered by mud flat. Therefore, the safe construction technology, deflation control, was applied in the process of the bored cast-in-place pile construction.

    GeoChina will provide transportation between conference hotel and Hangzhou Bay Bridge for conference registrants. Participants are responsible for their own lunch.


Location of Hangzhou Bay Bridge